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Cognika’s analytics software takes video and imagery management to a whole new level. The tool’s unique search and analytic algorithms serves as a powerful trend identification engine comprehensively viewing the entire knowledge landscape (video, data, text, and images), recognizing key patterns and extracting insights in ways not feasible until now. Traditional keyword search engines employ a one-keyword-to-many-answers approach, presenting users with an exhaustive list of possible answers. Cognika’s advanced search technology inverts the paradigm (many-to- few) in order to generate a targeted list of highly relevant answers. In addition, Cognika’s unique n-way matching technology compares message sections to reduce the possibility of false positives in the results.

Management Team

Christian Connors, Co-founder, President & CEO
As the CEO of CIDS, Mr. Connors directs the efforts to commercialize this technology to the US Government agencies. Mr. Connors lead the commercialization of DARPA’s Boomerang Shooter Detection System for BBN Technologies which has accounted for over 6500 systems being fielded over the last four years and created revenue of over $150 Million for BBN. Mr. Connors also lead the commercialization of Counter IED RF Systems for Aethercomm which has grown from $2 million to over $130 million/year since 2004. Additionally, Mr Connors marketing company, LJC creates over $60 million/year of sales from US DoD Prime Contractors. Mr. Connors sits on the Board of several DoD Prime Contractors and invests in game changing technologies for the DoD Marketplace.

Robert E. Wagner, Ph.D, Lead Scientist
Robert is a vision scientist with extensive experience designing computer vision systems for a variety of applications including: video microscopy, robotics, face detection and recognition, video fidelity enhancement, video surveillance and tracking, and large‑scale video search and retrieval. Prior to joining Cognika, he was a computer vision engineer at Bluefin Labs where he developed a real-time ad detection and tracking system on live streaming television broadcasts that provided on air ad detection within the first ten seconds of the ad airing. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Purdue University and a Ph.D. in Cognitive and Neural Systems from Boston University.

Michael Donaghey, VP Sales & Business Development
Mr. Donaghey leads the business development of CIDS products and customized solutions for defense & intelligence domain. He is a Senior level Sales, Marketing, and Business Development leader with a 20 year record of delivering products and services across the government and commercial sectors, developed high performing teams, provided strategic insight, and executed measurable activities that drive on time deliverables within time and budget. He has a proven ability to develop a high set of standards with a commitment to the customer’s goals and objectives. His accomplishments also include negotiating and launching numerous new business units within the United States.

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