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Who We Are

Cognika was founded in 2006 with a mission to bring leading edge analytics tools to market that had been developed at MIT. Our breakthrough technology uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques with our patented algorithms that emulate human cognition and serve as the foundation for the Pegasus/Perseus software tools.

Cognika has significant experience in building technologies around managing "big data" and analysis. We are focused on exploitation of Video & Imagery, and do so through a combination of "real-time" monitoring and forensic look-back ("search") capability within video archives. Our technology scales well with customer needs to Petascale and larger volumes.

Pegasus is our video management tool for moving camera platforms (e.g. aerial) and Perseus for persistent surveillance (e.g. surveillance cameras) . Both tools provision visual search and discovery with real-time alerting for activities of interest e.g. "Persons Gathering", "Vehicle making U-turn". Complex activities (collections of events) are also detected in real-time.

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What We Do

Cognika makes video & imagery exploitable in exciting new ways. We make video "searchable" and analyze it in real-time to detect & alert for marked objects, events and their interactions: "Activities". For example, we detect if a white pick-up truck has repeatedly appeared around an area of interest, or if there is anomalous activity within a certain region from a wide-area asset, or forensically track-back a vehicle of interest across multiple cameras and videos. More complex activities are also monitored and indexed.

With millions of minutes of video being generated from an increasing number of sensor platforms, the rapid increase in video is overwhelming human analysts, necessitating automation and augmentation tools. Our approach utilizes a novel machine-vision based approach to index Full Motion Video (FMV) which provides the user the ability to detect, search for and track objects of interest, events and activities . This approach enables FMV & imagery exploitation in real-time, with a forensic look-back. Available metadata provisions advanced query capabilities such as Geo-filtering, time-filtering to zero-in on Events/Objects.

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News & Events

News & Events
GeoInt 2013
MIT Lincoln Labs
Next Generation Conference

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Cognika News

Upcoming Events:

  • October 13-16, 2013 - Please stop by Booth 718 to meet with representatives of Cognika during the upcoming GEOINT 2013 Symposium, Tampa, Florida.
  • October 21-23, 2013 - Cognika will be present at the 2013 AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition. Please contact us to arrange for a personal product demonstration.

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Cognika Product Family

Pegasus (for Moving Cameras)

  • Works with Aerial cameras and Wide-Area Motion Imagery (WAMI).
  • Real-Time: Detects objects, their motion trajectories & activities.
  • Search: Finds Objects of Interest across videos and forensic "track-backs"
  • Works from HD quality to very low resolution videos.
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Perseus (for fixed Cameras)

  • "Fine-grained" Activity Detection for very accurate surveillance
  • Classifies vehicles, humans, animals etc. with counts of objects & events
  • Auto-locate Objects using multiple-cameras to build a 360° trajectory.
  • Alerting on configured rules and set thresholds
  • Works from HD quality to very low resolution videos.
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Houdini (Object Removal Tool)

  • Operates on standard desktop or laptop environment (no additional hardware required)
  • Single object concealment or multiple objects simultaneously
  • Operates effectively across all video formats
  • Burned-in metadata such as symbols, co-ordinates, etc. on captured images and video is easily concealed
  • Easy to install and simple to operate
  • Point, draw, click interface for exact concealment selection
  • User customizable settings for best results specific to video type (background/foreground color, intensity, etc)
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Pegasus (for Moving Cameras)

Pegasus is designed for dynamic camera feeds such as from aerial assets, vehicle mounted etc. It applies sophisticated stabilization, mosaicing and tracking algorithms to detect objects, events and activities. Pegasus also can alert when a specific Object of Interest (OOI) appears in the Field of View.

Pegasus applies Cognika's patent pending "Visual" search and monitoring technologies to locate when a specific type of vehicle or person appears. Furthermore, it instantly searches video archives (from multiple camera feeds) to locate similar OOIs providing a time-line for analysis. The design elegantly bridges real-time and forensic analysis and empowers users to exploit video and imagery in conjunction with Multi-INT sources. Pegasus also offers RESTful interfaces for easy integration into existing applications. Pegasus is available for Windows and Linux platforms.

Real-time Object Detection within Video. Demonstrates the powerful capability of locating OOIs even if they are in FOV for a few fleeting seconds.

Works with FLIR video, of low quality. Even with "blob" like quality and works with assets such as UAVs or similar assets..

Tracking a rapidly moving object from an aerial asset. Works despite Occlusion and different poses. Works with move-stop-move scenarios common in urban environments.


Perseus (for Persistent Surveillance)

Perseus is designed for fixed cameras performing persistent surveillance. Potential applications include Perimeter Security, Area Surveillance, Building or infrastructure security. Next Generation of Video Analytics tools for Activity Recognition and Object Search.

Perseus is designed to work in both real-time and forensic modes simultaneously. It eempowers analysts to view an OOI or Event in conjunction to view where/when else the OOI was possibly spotted. This amalgam of augmented analysis is at the core of Cognika's model of breaking down the traditionally silo-ed approach. Perseus offers RESTful interfaces for easy integration into existing applications. Perseus is available for Windows and Linux platforms

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Quick introduction to Perseus and its exploitation capabilities. Offers perspectives on multiple use-cases for Perseus.Create timeline of events and build a storyboard for forensic analysis post fact. A powerful combination of real-time and forensic search.

Detects human and vehicular activities in a parking lot. Useful for learning "patterns-of-life" and alerting to anomalies. Sophisticated alerting capabilities can alert on detecting a specific object of interest (e.g. white pick-up truck, person carrying box etc.).

Persistent surveillance with video, of low quality. Even with "blob" like quality and works with assets such as UAVs or similar assets. Provide "stare" capability to compounds or areas of interest.


Houdini (Object Removal Tool)

Houdini VideoPro enables users to identify, select and remove unnecessary metadata from an existing video stream regardless of the quality of medium or video format. Houdini VideoPro`s enhanced stability and performance will help you meet the most challenging demands in your video security environment.

Houdini combines incredible performance with an easy to use "point, draw and click" interface to conceal the contour of video foreground metadata without compromising video integrity. User adjustable settings make it possible to edit low-definition, standard-definition and high definition broadcast quality, quickly in real-time.

Unlike other video editing tools, Houdini has been developed to run on your existing desktop, eliminating the need and cost for additional system hardware, memory, or third-party software. Houdini was specifically designed to include only the most versatile commercial scalability standards and simple APIs. Through its dynamic design, multiple objects within a video sequence can be edited simultaneously, regardless of video quality, color or intensity. The software is resolution and frame-rate independent, meaning that it can support video of any speed and size.